Digital Currency for Governments
Converting from fiat to digital currency can bring socio-economic benefits to a country at the grass roots level by supplying a digital alternative to cash. This enables easier access to financial services and improving efficiency. Digital banking provides much needed access and ease of use particularly in developing nations where traditional banking and hard currency are limited in rural areas.
Our historical best of breed experience in world banking, project and asset management, and proactive fraud prevention and auditing. We understand the unique opportunity to transform to a digital currency economy and all the advantages of blockchain from an accessibility, recording, and accountability, point of view. Partner with EIG Global Trust to help fund, manage, and lead your country’s digital projects
Funding Projects
We manage digital funding processes and oversight to support the country’s humanitarian, infrastructure and development projects. Previously a major challenge with fiat money. Our solution set includes identifying approved projects that fully comply with funding and digital implementation mandates throughout the lifecycle to promote growth, modernization, and accountability.
EIG Bank Coin

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